Plant Parenting 101: These 4 Plants Are Non-Negotiable

Last updated on October 12th, 2023

Plants surprise you with their quirky twists and turns. From cascading leaves to bending and turning stems, they provide endless delight. And there’s nothing better than witnessing new buds or leaves sprouting out of their stems.

However, these wonders of nature can be temperamental, with yellowing leaves, dropping stems, and wilting foliage. But fear not, there are plants that offer the best of both worlds. Let’s take a look at them.

1. The Gorgeous Peace Lily Plant

A native of tropical Central America, this plant feels right at home on the forest floor in a humid environment with indirect sunlight peeping through the canopy. Luckily, your home can mimic these conditions with indirect sunlight and a humid climate, making it the perfect choice. With the right care, it can bloom all year round. Keep the soil lightly moist and make sure to use large containers, as these plants grow fast. Whether in a row on your windowsill or alongside other species, the peace lily adds beauty to any space.

Make sure to opt for large containers, as these plants grow fast. You can set the stage with three plants in a row on your window sill, or let them sit with other species in the corner of your room or on your side table.

2. The Flirty Satin Pothos

With heart-shaped leaves adorned with splashes of silvery white on a green background, the satin pothos, or the Scindapsus Pictus exotica is a striking plant. As a member of the Pothos family, its vines will trail out of your hanging basket or pot, but a bit of trimming will help manage their growth. The best part? The satin pothos is easy to maintain and you can propagate more from cuttings taken from the mother plant.

3. The Unbeatable Charm of Anthurium Clarinerveium

Anthuriums have a fascinating color palette: a backdrop of deep green with white veins, so precise, that it’s almost as if an artist’s brush has done a fine job of it. When allowed to mingle with your decor, it looks like a little wonder. These root-bound plants are not difficult to look after, as you don’t have to worry about repotting them. These gorgeous plants are ideal for your end tables.

4. The Humble Money Plant

It’s easy to look down on this humble survivor. But, the money plant, or the pothos, is versatile, making it an exciting addition to your plant collection. It thrives in soil as well as water. With just a stem of this hardy plant, you can propagate so many more! It does well in hanging baskets as well as pots. You can always snip off the unruly growth if you like a compact look.

But That’s Not All

While these are great buys, you can always add plants such as the snake plant, the weeping fig, the philodendron, or the ficus to your collection. It’s all in how you showcase your collection. Taller plants, such as the Areca palm, are confident enough to stand their ground in a corner of your home. Shelving units or balcony corners can house your plant collection, making it easy to look after them. What’s more, there is nothing better than a mini-forest in your home. A few large pebbles and some cane wall art can give that corner of your home a unique look.

Summing Up

Plants come in a variety of shades and sizes. They don’t come cheap, so choose wisely, especially if you don’t have a green thumb or if you are pressed for time. Research shows that plants can thrive when you give them love and care. So, try to give them attention when you have some time on your hands. takes the environment and the green world seriously. To that end, you will find all the information you need on plants and plant care on our website. Make sure to log in today.