Life Hacks: 11 Cool Hacks That Will Simplify Your Life!

Last updated on April 26th, 2022

A few small tricks can sometimes save us from many potential headaches. And such tricks are a dime-a-dozen on the internet. But we’ll save you the task of sifting through the ones that work and ones that don’t.

Here are 10 great tried and tested hacks that are simple, yet very effective!

1.  Get rid of body odor naturally by rubbing a slice of lime to your armpit!

Courtesy: Livestrong

2. Little else can be more disgusting than a pair of smelly shoes! Get rid of the foul smell by placing dry tea bags in them overnight.

Courtesy: znanstveni

3. Have a new pair of shoes that feel a little too tight to wear. Just stuff some wet newspaper inside them and leave them overnight. The wet newspaper will help the shoes expand.

Courtesy: Smart Home Keeping

4. The next time you drop a small thing like earrings or a pendant, don’t panic. Just cover the end of your vacuum cleaner hose with a sock or pantyhose and start vacuuming the floor.

Courtesy: Instructables

5. Pour a cup of baking soda into a clogged drain. Next, slowly pour vinegar through it. Wait for a while and pour hot water. It’ll get unclogged in no time!

Courtesy: YouTube

6. Clean a clogged showerhead or other bathroom faucets by immersing it in vinegar. Keep it overnight for a better result.

Courtesy: wonderfulengineering

7.   Keep your shirt buttons from falling off by applying a bit of transparent nail paint over the thread.

Courtesy: Soy-Carmín

8.  Place your phone in an empty glass to amplify its volume. Bet you had never thought of this one!

Courtesy: Post Feed

9. How many times has this happened to you? Trying to open a super-tight container lid without any success. Next time try pouring hot water over the lid for a minute. It’ll come off easily.

Courtesy: Living Homegrown

10.  Apply some toothpaste and waterproof your matchsticks!

Courtesy: Youtube

11. Can’t find the Micro-sim eject pin that came with your phone? Just use a paper clip and insert it in the slot. It works like a charm!

Courtesy: YouTube

Here’s to easier living!