Plant Killer Confessions: 8 Habits That Send Your Green Friends Packing

Last updated on October 27th, 2023

Plants can be tricky companions. No matter what you do, sometimes they shrivel and shy away from your touch. You know you have offended them, but you have no clue what to do. You can tell yourself you don’t have a green thumb and head for shops selling artificial versions that stay true to you, or you can try to figure out what went wrong with your plants.

If you are up to the challenge like we are, check out these 8 habits that may be making your plants run for cover. Let’s dive in.

1. Going Overboard with Water

The most common mistake people make is drenching plants with water. Sure, it’s hot, and the plant needs water just like you, but you may be going overboard with the watering.


  • Check the moisture level of the soil by touching it with your finger to see if it is damp before you water it.

  • Make sure your plant gets the right amount of sunlight, depending on the species.

2. Not Watering Enough

When you hear scary words such as root rot, you will likely hold back on the water. A shriveled plant is the first sign that it needs more water.


  • Trim off any dry or withered leaves and water the plant thoroughly.

  • Let the plant sit in a tub filled with 3-4 inches of water for around 30 minutes to an hour. Toss out the water and let the excess water drain out of the pot.

3. Not Trimming the Plant

Plants need a trim, just like your hair, for proper growth. This is especially vital for plants such as orchids, where we tend to remove the wilted flowers and wait for the plant to bloom again.


  • Trim your plant by cutting down to new nodes on the branch for desired growth.

  • If you want the plant to bloom faster, skip a few nodes and cut lower on the branch.

4. Not Repotting

Sure, the gorgeous planter adds pizzazz to your decor. However, your plant may not feel the same way when the roots start struggling for space. Roots trying to make their way out of the drainage holes are a good indicator that the plant needs to be repotted.


  • Find a larger pot. Add fresh soil and fertilizer to the pot and replant your green pet.

5. Too Much Sunlight

House plants thrive in your home because they need indirect sunlight. When you place them in direct sunlight, your plant leaves will get scorched.


  • Find a shady area in your home for your plant.

  • For plants that need their daily dose of sunlight, move them to the balcony for a few hours each day.

6. Coffee or Alcohol in the Planter

Using your plant as a convenient receptacle for emptying wine glasses or coffee after a party is a bad idea. Chemicals such as fluoride in water can also be harmful.


  • Let tap water sit in the container for a while before watering the plants.

  • Using water that has been boiled and cooled down is another way to tackle this issue.

7. Expecting Miracles

When you move into a new home, there is a period of adjustment. The same goes for your plants. They can sense the change in the atmosphere and take some time to settle in.


  • Don’t overwater the plant to make it grow faster.

  • Some leaves may fall off as it finds its feet, and that’s okay too.

8. Too Many Rocks at the Bottom

Dropping a few pebbles at the bottom of the pot seems like a good idea. However, these rocks can saturate the roots, causing root rot. What’s the solution?


  • Let the holes at the bottom of your pot handle the drainage.

Last Thoughts

Randomly picking up plants just because they suit your home isn’t the best way to go about it. Talk to the vendor about your home and lifestyle. They will suggest plants best suited for you and how to take care of them. For the latest decor trends and plant care tips, is the place for you! So visit us today and forget your plant worries.