10 Corridor Design Ideas And Inspiration

Last updated on June 17th, 2022

We give a lot of thought to our living room decor. The color scheme, the theme, and the furniture get our full attention. After all, we want to impress our guests. But, are you sure your entryway is equally aesthetically pleasing?

Your entryway is an important part of your home as it sets the mood for what’s to come. If your corridor consists of just the basics such as a shoe rack, you may want to check out ways in which you can spruce up your foyer. Excited? Let’s start!

Matter of space

Many of us are not fortunate enough to have a classic corridor in our homes. There are chances your home entrance opens directly into the living room. Have no fear. A small corridor design can do wonders for your entryway.

A console table with a mirror in the entryway will set the mood for your home too. An area rug and some plants will take the look forward.

The magic of carpets

A great way to enhance the charm of your corridor is by laying out a beautiful carpet or runner in your foyer. You can take the monochromatic approach with a single color, or you can try a patterned dhurrie to brighten up your corridor.

There is a wide selection of carpets and rugs to choose from depending on the decor in your living area. To give a finishing touch to your entryway, you can add a few plants in appealing plant holders.

Eye-catching flooring

Flooring is a great way to bring out the charm of any space. And where foyers and corridors are concerned, you can enhance the way they look with amazing flooring design ideas.

As this area of your home will not have much furniture, you can go all out with your radical ideas. A mix and match of black and white on your floor is a gorgeous look you should try out. You can go for ceramic tiles or add the rich look of black and white marble to your decor. Exquisite!

Other options? Wooden flooring can never go wrong.

The charm of a console

A handy and cheap way to elevate the decor of your home is by placing a console in your entryway. To take this look up a notch, you can put up your favorite paintings above the console.

These ideas work well with small corridor designs also. A few plants and a lampshade will complete this gorgeous look. wow!

Mirror magic

A gorgeous standalone mirror in the corridor adds dimension to the narrow space. If a standalone mirror is not your cup of tea, you can place it on top of your console. Depending on the look, you can opt for antique mirrors, rustic frames, or even modern pieces to bring out the charm of your corridor.

A few choice plants such as cactus will add to your foyer decor. If you have room, don’t hesitate to add frills such as a chair or a stool to add interesting elements to your decor.

Leafy wonders

Plants are a go-to element for quick-fix solutions irrespective of the area in your home. With the minimum of expense and fuss, you can amp the look of any space with a few green shrubs.

Your corridor design is no different. Plants will breathe life into your corridor in a matter of a few hours. Fancy plant holders will add to the charm. Hanging plants are another interesting way to add dimension to your space.

With plants, the adage less is more doesn’t quite apply! You can go wild with this one!

Exquisite lighting elements

Light does it all the time, be it natural or artificial. With beautiful light fittings such as chandeliers, lamps, track spots, or wall lamps, you can give your corridor space a much-needed sophisticated look. This is a great opportunity to indulge yourself with quirky lamps.

Final thoughts…

Your corridor design will set the mood for the design elements in the rest of your home. If these ideas don’t appeal to you homebliss.in will probably have a few tricks up their sleeve.