Every Entryway Needs These 8 Things. Does Yours Have Them?

Last updated on February 16th, 2023

Your entryway is the first impression of your home for your guests and visitors. It is also the first place you see while entering your house and the last place while leaving it.

Make sure to give your entryway the love and care it deserves by looking at all the elements that complete it.

Here are 8 things that can make your entryway stand out:

A welcome mat that’s weather-resistant

Welcome mats are the first piece of decor in your home that welcome your guests. These mats are great for providing a non-slippery surface. They are very functional since they allow your guests to wipe their feet on them. This means there won’t be any mud or dirt inside the house! Opt for a weather-resistant welcome mat. They come in a variety of options to match the style of your interiors.

A coat rack and a catchall

Do your guests a favor by investing in a sturdy and durable coat rack. These vertical racks don’t take up much space. But they will make your home feel tidier since all your coats and hats will have a dedicated nook in your entryway. Alternatively, you can also dedicate a shelf to act as a catchall. This can store your keys, cards, grocery bags and other small items that your guests might need to keep!

An entryway bench or seating

Cozy seating in the entryway not only adds charm to your space but is also very functional. An entryway bench or stool can offer a seat to your guests while they take their shoes off. Keep this seating sleek and casual, as it will mostly be used on the go. Sleek seating options won’t take up precious real estate in your entryway, making it look more open and clutter-free!

Ambient overhead lighting

Lights are the first thing we turn on when we enter the house. Make sure your entryway is well-equipped with overhead lighting to make it easier when you enter or leave the house. Add some character to your entryway by choosing diffused and ambient overhead lighting. To make it more functional, make sure the switch is located at an easily reachable point.

Functional storage that’s easy to reach

Many miscellaneous or seasonal items don’t get any dedicated space inside the main house. These items can be stored in cubbies or shelves in your entryway. Things like coats, umbrellas, boots, extra bags, torches and other miscellaneous items can go in this storage. You can also opt for under-seating storage that can house all your shoes.

A mirror that complements your decor theme

This hack can do wonders! Having a mirror in your entryway is useful for so many reasons. First of all, it lets you take a quick last look at yourself before you leave the house. Secondly, it makes the entryway look larger and brighter by reflecting light. Thirdly, choosing an accent mirror creates a focal point in your entryway. This can elevate your interior decor and make your house look more put together.

A fresh bouquet of flowers

Fresh flowers are a wonderful treat to the eyes and the nose. Fresh flowers all around the house can make your home feel more inviting and cozy. Arrange some flowers in your entryway to extend this inviting vibe into the entrance lobby as well. Also, fresh flowers will make your entryway smell nice which is a great way to keep it fresh. Greet your guests with vivid colors and fragrant scents by arranging a bouquet in your entryway.

Accent pieces for that wow factor

An entryway is a great place to get creative with interior design. Put up a gallery wall of photos from your travels, or deck it up with some throw pillows. You can also decorate your entryway with artwork, accent pieces and collectibles. This adds more personality to your entrance and gives it a wow factor!

Summing Up

Pay special attention to these 8 items to make sure your entryway is spick and span. Getting intentional with the decor of your entryway can go a long way! For more interior design and decor tips, browse through Homebliss blogs!