Illuminate Right: 6 Vastu Shastra Lighting Laws!

Last updated on November 15th, 2023

Like every other industry in the world, the interior design industry has evolved with time. It has gained prominence as a vital design tool in the last few decades. And we can’t deny the fact that gorgeous light fixtures have pushed the bar. If you are an ardent fan of our website, you may have come across umpteen articles on lighting and how best to use it.

To take this a step further, today we will discuss the impact of lighting according to Vaastu. If you believe this ancient science, this article is right up your alley. So dive in!

The Living Room Lighting

All the activity in the home revolves around the living room. This is where the family congregates, making proper lighting essential in this space. Let’s see what Vaastu experts suggest for this area:

  • Ambiance lighting is the first stage. This will ensure that the room is well-lit, thereby cutting down on the use of accent lights.

  • The South-West wall is ideal for your family portrait. Bring the focus on the portrait with an accent light. This will bring good luck and health to your family.

  • Plants and other artwork can be highlighted with accent lights.

  • Prevent the glare from harsh bulbs by using floor and table lamps. The warm and cozy environment will bring positivity to your space.

Moving on to Bedroom Lighting

After the grind of daily routine, you need a space to unwind. This relaxing space recharges you to deal with the day ahead. Hence, a lot of attention needs to be paid to decor as well as lighting. Let’s see what Vaastu experts say:

  • Soothing ambiance lighting is your first step. These can be recessed lights in your ceiling for the overall lighting of your space.

  • You can use accent lights to highlight paintings or artifacts.

  • Avoid harsh light bulbs or LED tube lights as you want a relaxing vibe.

And Now, the Dining Room…

A warm and hearty meal not only soothes the stomach but also your soul. This makes the perfect ambiance vital for your well-being. While you will find lots of tips on dining room decor on our website, let’s check out what Vaastu experts suggest for the lighting:

  • Overhead lighting is a must so that you can savor the food and enjoy the company of your family.

  • A chandelier over the table is ideal, not only for aesthetic purposes but also as the harbinger of good fortune.

  • Candle stands can do their bit to add warmth and a sense of bonhomie to the gathering.

  • If you have a display cabinet for your finest crockery, use accent lights to add to the charm of your space.

Let’s Find Out What Vaastu Suggests for Your Kitchen

Putting Vaastu concerns aside for a minute, your kitchen needs to be a well-lit space as it requires fine chopping. And you want to make sure there are no bugs in your cauliflower! Now a look at some Vaastu tips for your kitchen lighting:

  • Make sure that your lighting doesn’t throw shadows on the walls and your counter space. The ceiling recessed lights will help attain this.

  • Install task lights under your overhead cabinets to illuminate your work area.

Does Vaastu Apply in Your Bathroom Too?

Let’s take a look at what Vaastu experts have to share on your bathroom lighting needs:

  • General lighting is the first step, whether you have a large or small space. This can be in the form of a central light in case of a small space and recessed spots for larger areas.

  • Make sure the light above the mirror gives enough light without any glare or shadows.

  • Waterproof fixtures are vital for the shower area to avoid casualties.

Summing Up

Vaastu lighting tips are not much different from what designers use in their projects. So, it isn’t difficult to follow these tips for your home. And where the well-being of your family is concerned, you don’t want to take chances! For more Vaastu tips on decor, log in to today.