The Hottest Textured Wall Ideas For The Bedroom

Last updated on May 23rd, 2022

If you wish to breathe new life into the walls of your bedroom, wall textures are a great option. They can be classy, quirky or however you want them to be. Interior designers love wall textures for their versatility and looks.

Textured walls instantly spruce up the aesthetics of your bedroom and give a personality to the space. What’s more, they also do a fantastic job of masking any imperfection in the walls.

So, if you are searching for the hottest textured wall designs for your bedroom that are trending in 2022, we have got some great options here.

Stone-wall texture

If you are someone who prefers vintage over contemporary, this is the right wall texture for your bedroom accent wall. Stone-wall texture creates a calm and peaceful ambiance in the room. You can complement it with a satin headboard, exquisite bedside lamps, and statement cushions to create a look that is a class apart.

The resplendent combed wall

Give your bedroom an enchanting and exquisite touch with the combed wall texture. This texture can turn your bedroom walls into a piece of art! Although the best color to go for here is golden, you can also go for hues of silver and powder blue for a more subtle look.

However, make sure you keep the furniture and décor minimal to maintain perfect harmony in your bedroom’s look.

Breathtaking lacquered paint texture

Glossy wall textures are grabbing a lot of eyeballs lately. Many people are going gaga over this texture! Why? Because it provides a delicate feeling to the space. Moreover, the texture also does a brilliant job of reflecting light. It highlights every detail of your bedroom, making it look opulent and royal.

Instill calmness with padded velvet

Add sophistication and serenity to your bedroom with this beautiful padded velvet wall texture. This bedroom wall texture helps reduce the outside sound to a significant extent. It is an ideal pick for homeowners who seek harmony in their bedrooms.

You can complement the texture with a cozy bed, statement pillows, soft linens, and light-colored curtains.

Concrete and Stripes

Bookmark this design if you wish to have a monotone aesthetic in your master bedroom. This extremely voguish, stand-out wall texture design is ideal for homeowners who prefer elegance in their homes. However, make sure you allow ample natural light into the room. Complementing this textured wall with contrast-colored curtains, bedding, and rugs will give the perfect magazine-like look to your bedroom.

Neutral grasscloth wall texture

Add warmth and coziness to your sleep sanctuary by going for neutral grasscloth textured walls. This texture is made from hand-woven strands of jute, bamboo, raffia, seagrass, and arrowroot grass. This designer-favorite option instantly elevates the ambiance and mood of your bedroom space. A simple oil-based primer is enough to maintain the luster and glamor of this wall texture.

Giving a character and personality to your bedroom walls is not that hard, provided you know which textures to pick. Whatever design you choose, make sure it resonates with the energy of the space and makes your bedroom a calmer place to be.

If you are looking for more ideas to decorate your bedroom, visit the homebliss blog. Happy decorating, everyone!