Wanna Glam-Up Your Living Room? We Give You Ideas!

Last updated on May 12th, 2023

Center spreads of design magazines flaunt images of celebrity homes that are utterly gorgeous and out of this world. As you toss the magazine aside, all you can do is sigh as you look at your unimaginative décor.

But you don’t need to wring your fingers in frustration. Nor do you need to give a total overhaul to your décor to get the look right. Surprised? Well, once we walk you through these easy-peasy ways to get the glam look right, you too can be the envy of your friends and neighbors with a glamorous living room. For Instagram-worthy living room photos, read on.

The Allure of Lighting

Sure, most of us have the mandatory light sources; a tube light or two, a few spotlights, and a chandelier thrown in for good measure. However, adding light sources such as table lamps, floor lamps, and pendant lights can dramatically change the way your room looks.

Tips on Getting it Right

  • A table lamp with a shade is ideal for your side table.

  • A floor lamp adds charm to the corner reading chair.

  • Pendant lights strung up at different levels add drama to a dull corner.

  • Your console table can do with a lamp or sconces.

Let Mirrors Reflect Your Personality

Mirrors are glamour personified. They come in all shapes and sizes and give an elegant touch to your décor. These perennial favorites can be used in any number of ways.

Tips on Getting it Right

  • An antique mirror with an intricate frame is a perfect add-on for your console table

  • A collection of mirrors on the accent wall are a great style statement

  • A stand-alone mirror is an interesting conversation piece

  • Ornate mirrors give a vintage appeal to your décor

Plush Upholstery is a Winner

Rich fabrics such as velvet, raw silk, or brocade are ideal for a glamorous look. You can use these on your upholstery, your dining chairs, and your cushions.

Tips on Getting it Right

  • Go for a mix and match of textures, fabrics, and colors to add drama to the décor

  • Dress up your wing chairs in a contrasting shade for added intrigue

Dress Up Your Flooring

Rugs are a great way to elevate the look of your living room décor. While area rugs are quaint and utterly charming; for a drop-dead look, there is nothing like large rugs for a glamorous look. Pick a rug that blends in with your décor for a uniform style statement.

Tips on Getting it Right

  • Make sure the rug fits snuggly under your seating area

  • Go for contrasts. If you have dark or colorful hues on your upholstery, go for neutrals for the carpet

  • A patterned rug can work wonders when your upholstery has bold neutral colors

Cushions and Throws

To breathe life into a mundane décor, all you need is a few plush throw cushions and a throw to stir things up. Make sure you opt for a medley of velvet, brocade, embroidery, or fur for a decedent look.

Tips on Getting it Right

  • Make sure the cushions you pick complement your color scheme

  • Play with sizes and shapes to add drama

  • Layer your cushions; the larger ones at the back, the smaller ones in the front

Do it with Accessories

Materials such as cut glass, metal, and stone add glamour to the décor. These can be in the form of candlestands, vases, art pieces, or bowls.

How to Get it Right

  • Use a mix of metals in your lamps, drawer pulls, and chandeliers

  • Arrange vignettes of scented candles, pine cones, and plants for your coffee table

  • Be sure to pick pieces that are bold style statements rather than a variety of small accessories that do nothing for your décor

Final Thoughts

It’s not always possible to give your room a total makeover. The best part about these tips is that you can use your existing décor as a foundation and on it. And hey, if you think you can’t pull it off, we are glad to help. Log in to homebliss.in and check out our unique take on home décor ideas.