5 Bathroom Blunders Professional Organizers Wish You’d Flush Away

Last updated on September 19th, 2023

Blindly following trends or organizing hacks can be disastrous. These tips are generalized, and what works for one may not necessarily work for another. If you are going to stumble over your bathroom storage trolley every time you go for a bath, you are taking organizing trends too seriously.

But how do you know what’s right and what’s wrong? The answer isn’t difficult. Use guidelines only if they help your organizing needs, not because they look good.

A look at five blunders you should flush down the toilet.

Tip One: Declutter Before Hunting for Storage Solutions

Images of gorgeous bathrooms with rattan baskets and rolled towels can set your heart pounding with excitement. It’s natural to rush out and get some baskets to elevate your decor. However, buying a load of “cute” baskets is a senseless exercise if you have not decluttered your bathroom. Once you declutter and organize your essentials, you are in a better position to understand what you need. Check out this link to learn the art of organizing.

Tip Two: Too Many Decorative Items

Yes, the rows of wicker baskets on the bathroom’s shelving unit look gorgeous. You may see stunning images of rolled napkins and trays of essential oils on the countertop on home decor websites. But take a step back and think. Do you have a large bathroom counter like the one in the image? And do you have enough stuff to put in so many oversized baskets? You get the picture. Adding these non-essential storage items adds to the clutter and makes cleaning difficult.

Tip Three: Rolled-Up Towels May Not Be a Great Idea

Rolling spare towels into baskets is a cute storage idea that adds aesthetic appeal to the bathroom. However, in a quest to ape the style, we are guilty of rolling up our not-so-dry towels ready for use in the basket. The result is a colony of unmentionables such as mildew and mold. These life forms love damp and humid environments. So, if you love their musty smell, go ahead. A better idea is to let them hang gracefully on a set of appealing hooks to dry out. A ladder adds to the decor and is also handy for your towels.

Tip Four: The ‘Just-in-case’ Dilemma

We understand that storage baskets are charming. With all these gorgeous wonders lining the shelves, the temptation to pick up extras for “just-in-case” storage can be too much. Our minds know what we want and come up with interesting justifications to toss stuff in the trolley. The result? A cluster of baskets and bins that have no business being there.

Following up on the “just-in-case” dilemma, declutter creams and lotions that you know you are not going to use. And hey, next time a new beauty product hits the market, resist the temptation to hit the buy button until you have finished what you have. Yup. Nip the problem in the bud.

Tip Five: Things Are Waiting to Happen Under the Sink

If you have used the space under your sink, well and good. If you haven’t, you don’t know what you are missing. This precious space can take care of the items you don’t use regularly. You can store extra shampoos and face masks in the cabinet for later. You can also find room in your cabinet for your household cleaning products.

And hey. If you have a small bathroom, leave room underneath the unit to make the space look bigger.

Summing Up

It is easy to get carried away with trends and tips. The trick is to think things through before you take the plunge. If it suits your taste, needs and space, go for it. Otherwise, stick to things that you feel comfortable doing. Finding the right balance isn’t always easy. But that’s what professionals are for. For all your home decor doubts, we have the answers. Log in to homebliss.in today.