Plastic Storage Containers: To Store Or Not To Store

Last updated on June 1st, 2023

For storing and organizing out-of-season or unique apparel items, such as festival décor or your puffy winter jumpers, plastic storage bins are a perfect solution. These square, equally-sized containers help you utilize each square foot of your storage space. You can arrange them in nooks or on tall shelves.

Plastic storage containers also help protect clothing from a damp cellar or a dusty attic. Many types of plastic storage containers are transparent, making it simple to take items out of the right container without having to dig around. There are various methods to utilize plastic storage bins and containers to their most potential in your home. Take a look:

Storage for clothing

Clear containers with lockable lids are great for keeping garments. When the seasons change, you can store your clothing in the garage, basement, or attic until it’s time to update your wardrobe. Avoid keeping plastic containers and things near stoves and furnaces.

Accessories and smaller items

You can keep your accessories and other small stuff in plastic containers. Accessory boxes can be used to store small items as well as scarves, hats, bulky jewelry, and hosiery. You can also store small devices, such as cables and wires, workstation supplies, toys, and portable toiletries, in them. A plastic cart that rolls can also be used to store hats, socks, jewelry, or cosmetics. A three-drawer cart is portable since it has wheels and may be utilized in a variety of locations fast.

Cleaning supplies and gardening tools

Use robust plastic containers to store gardening tools, sporting goods, or cleaning supplies because these are typically weighty products. If housed in a garage or shed, these storage containers will shield your valuables from the weather and allow you to keep them nearby. Besides playing an important role in storing your everyday items, plastic boxes can also be very useful if you have a garden. To organize and store unused seeds, you must first have a dependable, sealed container. Then, to keep animals out of your fertilizer, bone meal, and other soil nutrients, keep them in a bin. Due to the seasonal nature of gardening, you’ll probably need a place for your tools, protective gloves, gauges, hose fittings and other equipment.

Folders and files

You can keep your important files in a big file tote box. Some people choose plastic storage bins, while others favor filing cabinets. These containers make it simple to keep old correspondence, company documents, or tax records.

Seasonal items and large kitchenware

A large plastic storage container is a fantastic, multipurpose solution for storing seasonal items and kitchenware. These containers will not only keep your kitchenware safe, but they can also make it easily accessible whenever the need arises. The container’s size also ensures that you won’t overload it to the point where it would be risky to lift it from a high shelf.

Art and craft supplies

Flat, shorter boxes fit in any storage area or closet and are ideal for storing scrapbooking pages and other crafting supplies. Use them for school supplies, craft supplies, and materials for gift wrapping. Open-top boxes (with lids that seem to overlap) are another alternative for storing creative items. These bins come in helpful for products that you need to store but frequently access.

Linens and sweaters

The technique of storing sweaters is delicate. During the humid summer months, avoid putting sweaters, which are often composed of cashmere, in any old box. They require air to breathe and weather protection. To avoid stacking sweaters or jackets on top of one another to squeeze them all in, use deep plastic storage containers. The plastic structure will shield the fabric from dirt and humidity.

Summing Up

Plastic containers are great for storage and can be used in numerous ways. These versatile storage systems are great to have around the house. Use the hacks mentioned above to make the most out of them and check out Homebliss blogs for more such articles!