Snooze Better: Feng Shui Tips For Dreamy Nights

Last updated on November 2nd, 2023

Feng Shui is not a superstition nor is it science. It is a lot more than that. It’s about finding a harmonious balance whereby you are in sync with nature. And it’s also about going with the flow. A look at the tenets of Feng Shui will tell you that your home decor can have a positive or negative impact on your sleep patterns.

It may start with the positioning of the bedroom furniture and the color on your wall. And, of course, all that comes in between. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s begin!

Check Those Proportions!

When we talk about harmony and balance, size matters more than you think. Make sure the size of your furniture is proportionate to the area. Also, asymmetry may be in trend, but, if you add quirky sizes or designs to the bedroom space, you introduce instability and disturb the balance. So, matching side tables are your best bet.

Does the Bed Placement Matter?

If you have read our earlier articles on Feng Shui, you know that the bed should face the door but shouldn’t be centered. It should be placed diagonally from the entrance. A plush, padded headboard placed against the wall will anchor your bed, giving you a sense of security. Unless you have no choice, never place the bed directly facing the entrance, or you will face fatigue and listlessness during the day.

A Cluttered Space Isn’t Going to Cut it

The chi or the life-giving force needs room to circulate. A cluttered space encourages the accumulation of dust in corners and crevices. The energy stagnates there, hindering the movement of chi. Start by removing stuff you don’t use or need. Next neatly fold your clothes and rearrange your wardrobe, give your bedroom a thorough cleaning to invite well-being into your home.

Tone Down Your Colors

Colors such as pastels and earthy tones are relaxing and ideal for your bedroom. Shades of powder blue or jade green are soothing and can work wonders for you. Reds and yellows are a strict no-no, as these vibrant shades can overwhelm you and your space. And hey, too many shadows from light fixtures such as bedside or floor lamps invite negativity, so beware.

Avoid Mirrors

While a dressing mirror is a bedroom staple, avoid going overboard with mirrors in the decor. Don’t place your mirror directly in front of the bed to avoid reflection, or it will lead to disturbed sleep. If you must have a mirror in your wardrobe, make sure you don’t see your reflection in the glass when you go to bed.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Sunlight and fresh air are not only refreshing, they also give off a positive vibe in the environment. Make sure you open the windows in your home first thing in the morning. Let the furniture bask in the warm sun rays. Your upholstery and linen will get much-needed airing and fresh air will get a chance to circulate in your home. That’s the ideal way to let in the positivity into your home.

Keep it Light

Heavy ornate furniture, bulky beds, or wooden beams towering over the space are best avoided as they can smother the space and disturb your sleep too. Light furniture with padded headboards is the perfect pick for you.

Our Thoughts

Sleep is one of the most enjoyable experiences in our lives. You can unwind and give yourself up to your dreams in the comfort of your soft bed linen and mattress. Under the circumstances, you owe it to yourself to get a good night’s rest after a hard day at work. If you go through our website,, you will find useful articles on mattresses and bed linen to make your sleeping experience comfortable. Apart from these treasure troves of information, you will find tips on home decor too. So log in and find out more.