8 Ancient Indian Beliefs That Invite Prosperity. See If You Follow Any!

Last updated on August 29th, 2022

Indian culture is rich in traditions, and it’s not easy to get away from superstitions. Surprisingly, even the naysayers see no harm in hanging some nimbu and mirchi on their doorway to ward off negative energy. At the end of the day, wealth and property take superstitions to a whole new level. After all, no one wants to take chances where their wealth and home are concerned!

Read on if you are looking for ways to guard your wealth against the evil eye.

Is Your Home Vaastu Compliant?

Whether it is home décor or Vaastu, clutter is frowned upon. Dust bunnies circling your room are not doing your respiratory system any good either. Old magazines, holiday collectibles past their sell-by date, and laundry waiting to find its way into your washing machine are different ways of accumulating dust and negative energy into your home. So, declutter! Let the positive vibes bring wealth to your home.

Numbers Matter When You Are Buying A Home

Whether it’s numerology or astrology, the date, the time, and the numbers matter for auspicious beginnings, so before you sign on the dotted line, consult an astrologer to get your timing right. This goes for signing business ventures too. Auspicious timing is said to be essential if you want assured success.

So, Which Foot Is It To Be? The Right Or The Left?

When entering your home for the first time, which foot enters first matters too. It is believed that the right foot embraces spirituality, while the left foot is all about material values. The right foot is said to be a better bet to avoid conflicts and bring peace into your life.

Invite Positivity By Boiling Milk

We have all heard the adage “don’t cry over spilled milk.” Spilled milk has always been associated with bad luck. But do let your milk boil over when you move to a new home. Flowing milk symbolizes abundance. So, be ready with a carton of milk the day you move in.

Leave Your Old Broom Behind When You Move

Buy a new broom to make a clean break from the negativity of your old home. And hey, when you have spent a ton of money buying a new home, it won’t matter if you throw away a perfectly good jhadu?

The new jhadu heralds new beginnings. However, it is believed that one should refrain from sweeping their home after dusk to avert financial loss.

Invite Wealth Into Your Home With Plants

Plants add to your décor and are also great for inviting positive energy into your home. Basil is an excellent choice. Another hardy plant that needs little maintenance is the money plant. Plants such as lotus plants or neem trees also bring luck.

Ants. Black Or Red?

Ants can be exasperating, especially when they raid the sugar bin. But, then, there are ants, and there are ants. Red ants tend to sting and do nothing to bring you luck. As for the black ants, you may want to sprinkle some sugar on your window sill to invite the creatures into your home as they are said to bring luck. And we thought color mattered only in home décor!

Mirrors And Superstitions

We have seen our fair share of horror movies where a mirror is a portal for evil to enter your home. While there is no chance of ghouls climbing out of your vanity mirror, it’s best to follow these simple mirror rules.

It is said that while mirrors can multiply wealth, they can also do the same with negativity. Avoid placing a mirror in front of your bed. This makes you vulnerable as it is believed that spirits can use them as portals. But there is no need to sleep with one eye open if your mirror is facing the bed! If your mirror faces the entry to your home, it can bring good luck.

Final Thoughts 

The thing about superstitions, even if you don’t believe in them, is that you just don’t want to take the risk!

So, if you are flummoxed about the position of your bed or other Vaastu disasters in your home, get in touch with homebliss.in. They have oodles of Vaastu-related advice for your home décor.