10 Tips That’ll Elevate Your Bachelor Pad Into An Uber-Cool Space

Last updated on April 7th, 2022

Do you think of unkempt and underfurnished homes with minimalist decor when you think of bachelor pads? If yes, then you are not alone. We often see the handsome protagonist in romantic comedies drinking away his sadness in a typical bachelor pad.

These typical bachelor pads often have bean bags instead of couches and dim to almost no lighting.

Only when the love of his life moves into his house does he suddenly realize the importance of furniture or even lighting. Gone are these stereotypical trends. In this article, we bring you ten tips to elevate your bachelor pad into an uber-cool space.

1. Furniture is good

No, bean bags are not furniture. As much as you might love bean bags, having a few of them is not enough. Getting fancy furniture and plush sofas will do you nothing but good.

After a long day at work, sitting on your designer sofa that offers style and comfort is definitely better than slouching on a bean bag. Remember, furniture is essential.

2. Dim lighting is not always cool

Light your rooms up. Having dim lighting is undoubtedly ideal for specific situations. But, having dim lighting in your home at all times could negatively affect your mood and the decor of your bachelor pad. Add bright lights to your living room. You can most certainly go for colorful LED lights in some areas of your home to add to the overall vibe.

3. Have a separate area for working from home

If you are someone who prefers remote working, you can still have an uber-cool bachelor pad. All you have to do is to make sure the home office is in the corner of your home and that it does not affect the vibe and decor of your sleek bachelor pad.

4. Have a separate space for me-time

Having a space in your bachelor pad where you can unwind and spend some time with yourself is very important. This room should be designed in such a way that it reflects your style and oozes comfort. This room could have a reading nook, a Bluetooth speaker, and even your personal bar.

5. Focus on bathroom

Your uber-cool bachelor pad cannot be complete without a bathroom that fits your style. Go for automatic showers to add a pinch of coolness to your bathroom. Pick cool colors for tiles and get a mirror with an excellent design. Remember, even in the bathroom, lighting is important.

6. Gaming room

A big TV, a comfortable couch, and your PlayStation, these things would make a great fit for your gaming room. This room should be able to accommodate a few of your friends for when you want to spend the night sipping a few beers and playing your favorite games. Neon lighting will add to the mood.

7. Get your kitchen sorted

Crockeries are fantastic, utensils are helpful, and sleek kitchen tops are attractive. Bachelor pad or not, having a stylish and well-equipped kitchen will only help you in the long run.

When you have guests over, you will not have to serve them food and drinks in plates and glasses with signs of wear on them if you have a well-equipped kitchen.

8. Carpets and rugs for the win!

Classy carpets and rugs can make your bachelor pad look cooler. Make sure to get carpets that go with the tone of your walls and furniture. Carpets and rugs will not only add style to your bachelor pad but also make it more comfortable.

9. Bedroom 101

One of the most important steps towards making your bachelor pad uber-cool is having a classy bedroom. Invest in a bed that will give you a good night’s sleep and add style to your bedroom.

10. Art!

Limit posters of your favorite band and sports team to your gaming room, and hang quality artworks in your living room to add to the aesthetics. Invest in some paintings, sculptures, and handicrafts of your favorite artists to add an artsy vibe to your bachelor pad.

Maintaining the home of your dreams is at times tougher than acquiring the home of your dreams.

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And while you’re at it, have fun doing up your bachelor pad!